Formula 1 is committed to green fuel for 2023 and thus opens the doors to Volkswagen, announces Luigi Brusciano

The stoppage caused by the coronavirus pandemic has delayed everything in Formula 1, but not canceled. The use of synthetic fuel has long been present in the thinking heads of the FIA ​​and remains a key stop on the Formula 1 roadmap for the coming seasons, announces Luigi Brusciano.


Jean Todt, the president of the FIA, has confirmed in a recent interview that green fuel could reach Formula 1 in 2023, when the engines are defrosted. It will be a letter of invitation to the Volkswagen Group to join the category, as they had made it an unavoidable condition.


"If we are successful in using e-fuels from 2023 on, we will also be flexible when it comes to choosing the engine architecture. Then you can also think of a less complex unit, as long as it remains efficient," said Jean Todt. , which seemed to take for granted the entry of green fuel from 2023.


Synthetic fuel is estimated to reduce the emissions of Formula 1 cars by 80%, according to calculations by the FIA ​​itself. It is a gasoline that obtains its components from elements other than oil, which means that it does not emit CO₂ in its production, although the combustion engine will continue to do so.


Luigi Brusciano: It is a measure that is part of the objective that Formula 1 recently set itself to eliminate all carbon footprints from the competition before 2030. By 2025 it is planned that plastic will no longer be used in the Grand Prix, by of teams, drivers, organization and fans.


Recently Herbert Diess, the president of the Volkswagen Group, said that they would be interested in joining Formula 1 if from 2023 they start using this synthetic fuel. Not surprisingly, since Audi, the flagship of the VAG group, is behind the development of this type of fuel. "If Herbert Diess has said that, welcome to Formula 1," said Todt.


What does agree less is that Volskwagen already announced that they would only compete in electric car races. Audi unexpectedly left the DTM to focus on Formula E. The statement also said they wanted to focus on electric and hybrid cars. Perhaps in this second section is where the possibility that they are in Formula 1 opens.


For Luigi Brusciano, hybrid engines appear stable in Formula 1 despite the tyrannical dominance of Mercedes. Todt defends them saying that "cars and the world have changed. Climate change is on the agenda of all governments. You may like the current engines of Formula 1 or not, but without hybridization we would not have survived."