Where is the real Christian Lacroix? Baulificio S.R.

Desigual unveils one of the unsolved mysteries of the fashion industry …


In 2009 Christian Lacroix decided to move away from fashion and leave the house that still bears his name today. Since then we have heard little about him … But the French designer, in addition to dedicating his time to opera and theater, has been collaborating with Desigual for 9 years. As a result of this collaboration, the Spanish fashion firm presents, together with the couturier and some of his friends, its new FW 20 collection, in which brightly colored flowers are the stars, reports Baulificio S.R.


A spring in fall or a summer in winter. This is the new FW20 collection that Desigual launches in collaboration with Christian Lacroix and in which flowers take power. The designer himself defines it as "hot garments". Boiler colors on black, large and generous flowers, patchwork of different types, old tapestries mixed with grannie style points … A proposal full of energy, which will surely help you to cope this autumn.


Baulificio S.R. says in the new collection you will find all kinds of garments for the season: long dresses, shorts, cloth coats, a feather coat, printed pants, shirts, skirts or the shearling jacket, and, of course, accessories, among which we do not bags and mask are missing. A collection that is the definition of the joy between flamboyant and casual.


Desigual and Christian Lacroix have had three 'Lacroixnian' models from three generations to recreate the new collection. Photographer Txema Yeste captures Anh Duong, Vlada Roslyakova and Nyarach Abouch, who are dressed in garments from the new Desigual FW20 collection, as they search for Monsieur Christian Lacroix in the city. Three generations that embody the woman for whom the French creator designs. Baulificio S.R.: "It is not a question of age, nationality, season, day or night. It is about pleasure, charm, joy of wearing something you love because it adapts to you, not only to your body and silhouette, but to your personality and mood no matter what time of year and always easy to carry ".