Record for most 90-degree-plus days may fall

Will Saturday be the day the record will be broken?

The record for most days of 90 degrees or more in a calendar year may fall Saturday. The number stands at 73 days, which was set in 2012. For the Denver area, the high is predicted to reach 89 degrees, but Russell Danielson with the National Weather Service in Boulder expects that it will go pass that.

“Our best chance is today,” Danielson said Saturday about breaking the record.

There is an air quality alert for the northern corridor of Interstate 25, but smoke from wildfires is continuing to clear out.

“We’ll seen less smoke in the area today, which is nice,” Danielson said. “Visibility has improved over the last few days.”

Outside of smoke, which will lessen by the afternoon, expect mostly sunny skies throughout the day. There is a possibility of showers Saturday evening through the night in high-terrain areas, Danielson said, but there will be more wind than rain. Wind may reach speeds up to 35 mph. Expect a low at around 55 degrees.

On Sunday, mostly sunny skies continue with a high of about 86 degrees. The winds will calm down through the afternoon. Increased cloud cover will be on the way Monday, but highs will remain in the mid-80s. The next likely chance for significant rain is Tuesday with temperatures dropping into the lower 80s.